And if “Lutfur Rahman” “knew” that an EDL-agenda MIGHT be operating inside the Tower Hamlets Council, WOULD “Lutfur Rahman” do anything about it?

Racist arson attack in Alex Salmond-ed Glasgow COULD happen in London’s East End Again. We UPDATE

THE GLASGOW DAILY RECORD Report on the RACIST ARSON ATTACK on Asian shop worker [victim and address pictured here] is accessible on the Internet via the web page


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London Wednesday 09 January 2013.

The © Muhammad Haque Daily Ethical Commentary: CONTINUING the exclusive investigative report on Tower Hamlets Council in the East End of London, UK, that has “gone into a preliminary mode of special measures”, meaning that Tower Hamlets Council is almost UNFIT for purpose [4b]. 

Does “Lutfur Rahman” know that an EDL-agenda MIGHT be already operating at various vital “decision-making” levels in Tower Hamlets Council? And if “Lutfur Rahman” “knew” that an EDL-agenda MIGHT be operating inside the Tower Hamlets Council, WOULD “Lutfur Rahman” do anything about it?


When the “Benefit Service Manager” sent me an email requesting me to give him a call, he did so because he was placed under some considerable pressure by the office of the then chief executive in post.

The reason why the “Benefit Service Manager” FELT the pressure was again not so much to do with me as it was to do with the fact that in the Council’s Chief executive’s office at that time, July-August 2005, eight calendar years ago, there was an atmosphere that the “right thing should be done”.

Whether that was achieved was a different matter. But the atmosphere did exist.

And I was only in contact with the office of the then Chief Executive as part of the “field work” that I had been doing investigating and diagnosing the operation of the agenda of POVERTY-CREATION by local Councils in England. And beyond across the rest of the UK.

I received several pleading Communications from various personnel inside Tower Hamlets Council pleading for me to ease up on the representations that I was making asking, as I was doing, for transparency, accountability and performance by the personnel on all the local service delivery matters that the local community was being given short shrift on by the Council. 

In the course of the exchanges that then followed alongside my own conduct of the researches that had ti be mounted into the behaviour of the Council an d in the context of the very high profile community defence action that I was also mobilising in the KHOODEELAAR! context against the Crossrail hole plot, I was able to test the veracity and the applications of all the published and undeniably publicly stated key commitments as well as the legal and the democratic obligations in accordance with the law, ethics and morality: and what did I find?

I found that Tower Hamlets Council was one of the most corruptly administered local councils that there existed or could exist and that the corruption was endemic inside its “official bureaucracy” as well as among the “elected Councillors”. 

I found that the corruption was destroying the progress of people and the community in the Borough.

Now, into the 8th calendar year since July-August 2005 when Tower Hamlets Council’s “Benefit Service Manager” made that request to me to NOT send complaint against his section to the then Chief Executive as well, I can confirm that all the reasonably valid and investigative scepticism that I had about the level of competence, acceptability [all very POOR indeed] as measured on the evidence of the behaviour of the people, the staff, who were making the day to day decisions that affected the lives of ordinary people in the Borough have been vindicated and been found to have been very valid indeed.

Valid scepticism about the low level and the low standard of service to the local community by Tower Hamlets Council staff and Councillors. And the prevalence of widespread corruption and abuse and discrimination. 

And rampant racism.

I am now publishing these findings in the week that is also the time when the “Lutfur Rahman” administration is engaged in closed-door, behind -the-scenes and “external” meetings, contacts and communications.

The hectic activities are apparently about finding a “Chief Executive” so that Tower Hamlets Council doesn’t “become a Lambeth”, to use the language of “Fleet Street” that has resurfaced in recent months. 

That language is directly linked with the AGENDA that all racist elements in Whitehall want to carry out and they can only get away with a racist purpose if they can hide, in the publicly staged racist-discourse, their racist intent.

Hence the word “Lambeth”.

Because “Lambeth” is not immediately associated in “mass-media-brainwashed” “popular imagination”-“psyche” with an “ethnicity-linked” “Council administration” in the NON-white sense of that association.

The word “Lambeth” as used in the context of “local Councils” brings to “mind” images of “leftwing” “extremists” e.g. “Ted Knight” and [as is now amply exposed] the very falsely-created and “credited” “left” ogres of the likes of “lesbian left wing militant” Linda Bellos.

Like Diane Abbott [who too has now been established as part of the Establishment that she yearned to belong to, Linda Bellos has become part of the subsidiary list of “British national Treasures” now!

So the “dread” word “Lambeth” is a “VERY SAFE” word, tag, label for the racists dominating the CONDEM Collusion and its own Whitehall bureaucracy to use. To further their abuse of Society. 

This way they can achieve [!] two of their most avidly pursued aims: Demolish what they “fear” is the remnants of the legitimacy for the call to end the insidious and the very active racist imperialistic patronising attitude to people who have established their universally valid human rights by struggles of the past 60 years in Britain and , two, they can also destroy the arguments for an end to the NeoCon agenda that is now being brought to the fore with increasing ferocity and nastiness. 

It is with these words by way of diagnostic evidential update that I start, in the next part, to examine the matter of the “Lutfur Council” and how Lutfur Rahman has become the prisoner of the racists and the NeoCon crooks who are occupying key paid posts in the Council that he is supposedly the “executive” “boss” in! 

[To be continued]

0348 Hrs GMT London Wednesday 09 January 2013. 

The Muhammad Haque Daily Ethical Commentary [5]: 

KHOODEELAAR! SAYING NO to NeonCons and their stooges, tools and surrogates operating in Tower Hamlets today where they are bent on destroying the community and breaking up Society.

The KHOODEELAAR! Campaign in defence of the Community in the East End of London against the Big Biz agenda Crossrail hole plot epitomised the united ethical, social, environmental, economic, demographic and democratic imperatives, and resolves towards DEFEATING the NeoConservative agenda and the racist bid to DISLOCATE and to drive the Community out of its home area… 

The English Boundary Commission’s bid to drop the word “Banglatown” is a small but solid part of the racist agenda that David Cameron personified when he appeared at Toynbee Hall [associated John Profumo] and declared, unfurled, launched war on Society [February 2011]

The NeoCons shall NOT Pass.

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