Would the Poplar Councillors and George Lansbury have paid an Aman Dalvi as much money in their time, 90 years or so ago?


2055 Hrs GMT London Saturday 19 October 2013


Tower Hamlets Council is featuring in another embarrassing ‘news’ item


It has been observed during today, Saturday, 19 October 2013 that Tower Hamlets Council is again featuring in a news item over something that shows that the Council is wasting public money.


According to figures published variously on four separate web pages in the past 48 hours by Archant-owned East London Advertiser and now by the Daily Mail web site (‘Mail online’), Aman Dalvi received a payout totalling £256,000.


Here (cited below) is the DAILY MAIL web page carrying that item today (19 October 2013) which makes the point about the payout of £256,000. to Aman Dalvi.




Questions that have been overdue for the Council’s truthful answer have included the payments made to individuals that have been already in paid posts in the Council.


These questions will now be even more powerfully raised because of the implication for the people in the Borough who have been receiving poorer service by the Council with the passage of each ‘working’ hour.


It is a telling irony that Aman Dalvi who is at the centre of the Daily Mail story about Tower Hamlets Council wasting public money is described as the Council’s “Corporate Director for Development and Renewal”


[To be continued]


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